Conditions of Carriage

Conditions of Carriage

By purchasing this ticket, the passenger acknowledges and agrees to the conditions of carriage as stated herein: 

  1. Neither Aquila Private Game Reserve not it’s Servants or member shall be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any injury, loss, damage or death arising from any cause whatsoever during the period of the cruise (including embarking and disembarking whether caused by negligence or otherwise).
  2. Once aboard the vessel, passengers fall under the direct and legal authority of the Master of the vessel and undertake to comply with any instructions/requests made on them during the cruise.
  3. Aquila Private Game Reserve has the right to charge passengers for any damage they do to the craft, fittings and fixtures through negligence, misconduct or any other means. Passengers should at all times undertake themselves in such a manner as not cause offense to other passengers and crew. 



If you have any questions about refunds, you can contact us at where we will be able to offer a refund on bookings provided that:

  • The ticket has not already been used and is still valid
  • It is within 14 days of the transaction taking place

Outside of that, it may still be possible to receive a refund, but cases like these are dealt on an individual basis, and you should contact our team on the email provided above.